Managed SIEM Solution

Our solutions combines the main features of multiple security tools to deliver a comprehensive and efficient cybersecurity solution for organizations. It has SIEM, SOAR and Threat Intelligence built into platform. 


  • Managed security service provider (MSSP)
  • Monitor logs for immediate threat identification and response.

  • Incident Response and Case Management
  • Automate workflows for efficient collaboration.

  • Automated Response Actions
  • Swiftly counter detected threats, minimizing damage.

  • Threat Intelligence Analysis
  • Stay ahead with enhanced threat detection.

  • Compliance Management
  • Centralize logs for regulatory adherence.

    Our SIEM Solution

    Unlock the power of our state-of-the-art SIEM solution, offering a suite of advanced features such as threat intelligence sharing, anomaly detection, custom correlation rules, comprehensive reporting, seamless integration, asset management, and proactive threat hunting capabilities. Experience superior cybersecurity defense with a single, all-inclusive platform


  • Threat Intelligence Sharing
  • Share structured threat information for collective defense against emerging threats.

  • Anomaly Detection
  • Identify unusual patterns indicating potential breaches or attacks.

  • Correlation Rules
  • Custom rules for accurate threat detection through event analysis.

  • Dashboard and Reporting
  • Comprehensive reports and visualizations for security insights.

  • Integration Capabilities
  • Seamlessly integrate with diverse security tools for maximum efficiency.

  • Asset Management
  • Track assets and security status for better vulnerability management.

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